Creative Visualization – Key to Manifesting

Creative visualization is a great manifesting technique used by successful business people, athletes, actors and people who deeply desire to change their life.

While many attribute this technique to the “new thought” movement and in particular to Wallace Wattles, the technique is not new at all. As long as man has been able to conceive an image in the mind for a preference not yet realized, there has been creative visualization. Even all forms of prayer for a desired outcome are based first in visualizing the new desire.

For visualization be the most effective you should practice the technique daily and often throughout the day if possible. A good starting practice is to do your visualization at the end of your day and right before you sleep for the night. This is because as you get ready to sleep you become relaxed, focus more easily and have less distraction.

The next best time is when you first wake. Keep your mind clear of the coming day events and spend a few minutes replaying your vision in your mind. As you go throughout your day, try to recall your vision several times each day.
When you do stop what you are doing and play with your vision if only for a minute or two.

If you are having difficulty relaxing and clearing your mind of unwanted thoughts, you are going to want to develop your ability to quickly get into a meditative state.

A meditative state is where you consciously relax your body and mind. Practicing meditation will bring additional benefits to you in terms of increased awareness, focus, and concentration. The most beneficial to you will be your ability to remove obstructive, negative and wandering thoughts. This will help your creative visualization tremendously by clearing the mind of debris and prepares it for a higher quality of visualization activity.

I have practiced and experimented with multiple meditative visualization techniques and have developed my own hybrid version that produces great results. This process has been a key to my manifesting and is part of my daily routine. If you are needing a boost to manifesting your goals, start practicing this process making it a part of your daily routine. Stay tuned as I will cover more on this important topic and my exact technique for creative visualization in upcoming posts.

“You were created from thought and from thought you create”


Check Your Vibration Meter

vibrating crystalHave you done a vibrational meter check up? Have you ever before really felt ‘stuck’ in life? I indicate entirely ‘stuck’– immobilized, paralyzed and just not able to make the ideal choice? You are in a place where doing something, even nothing, just seems overwhelming?

I had hit the wall numerous times throughout my career and this one time had become almost paralyzed by that ‘stuck’ feeling. I had to confess that something did not feel right within me concerning the whole thing. At the end of the next 2 weeks, I really felt just as confused as I had actually been earlier, and did not understand whether to continue with on my path or pull out partially or take myself out entirely.

I took some time and disappeared to a nearby place to attempt to clear my head and find some direction. After a couple days, I still was had no clear idea of exactly what to do. I was trying to figure everything out with my mind and logic. These thoughts were not aiding my situation whatsoever. In desperation, at about 2 a.m. I composed the following:

“I need a new framework; a completely new way of considering what I want in my life and making choices to fulfill my dreams and goals.”.

Later that morning morning, I was unable to sleep so I listened to a CD a friend had actually sent me. Though a lot of the content I was hearing for the first time, I listened to something that shaped my brand-new framework.

You have within you a god-created vibrational meter that guides you to discerning what is good for you and what is not good for you. That vibrational meter is your emotional states. If something really feels good, then it benefits you. If something does not really feel good, then it isn’t.

I knew right away that this career was NOT good for me, due to the fact that I did not really feel totally at peace with it. I was making myself unwell trying to make it really feel right when it was not.

Recognizing this brand-new structure of “feelings” removed a heavy weight from my shoulders.

I had clarity and tranquility regarding not preceding with this career and I promptly drew up a list of qualities that I DESIRED for my career. Within a few days, a new career opportunity showed up and it outright ideally suited all the qualities I desired.

With the realization of using this vibrational meter of your emotions, you never need to decide with your mind. You never ever should rationalize or justify your decisions when the situation is perfect for you. You just have to identify those aspects “that don’t feel good” and “those that really feel excellent and right”! This is how to know exactly what is right for you.

I had actually struck burnout numerous times throughout the course of my career and I had to accept that something did not feel ideal regarding the entire thing.

You have within you a god-given vibrational meter that informs you what is great for you and just what is not right for you. If something really feels great, it is for you. If something does not feel great, then it isn’t.

Check out this short video from Bob Proctor as he talks more about your vibrational meter.

The Most Important Lesson – Vibration Frequency
Bob Proctor on your vibrational frequency

Resistance Creates Zero Abundance

Road of resistanceResistance is a sneaky thing that often shows up quietly and un-noticed. Resistance is not a brand-new word, but for numerous people having an awareness of resistance is brand-new experience. Resistance is specified in terms of: “to stand up to, to put in force in opposition, to combat, defeat or discourage”. We often do no realize the biggest threat of resistance is within.

Resistance can be your servant if you contract a flu or virus. If your body’s immune system is working as it should, you’ll have good “resistance to unwanted condition in your body”– you’ll stay healthy. Also, having resistance to the temptation to do something that goes against your beliefs and core values will enhance your life, while offering into that temptation will sacrifice your character and sense of self-worth.

Noticing resistance within you can be an indicator that something isn’t really rather right for you, at this time. It’s great to observe resistance and to ask yourself questions to uncover what is happening, “Why am I experiencing this resistance?”.

There’s another side to resistance that runs opposite to what you desire. The opposite of allowance is the resistance that damages the very thing that we want. This resistance emerges from our emotional reactions when we respond in a negative context to things happening in our lives. Human beings are kind of unusual in that we offer a need to the World (like, “I want more money”), then we resist the very changes this need sets in motion and sabotage the very thing we desire.

When I set my intention to becoming financially independent, I didn’t recognize that the response would come in the shape of loss of income from my second job. It did. When I requested financial independence I had a different circumstance of “financial freedom” in mind that went along the lines of: “My business earnings will enhance gradually up until it reaches a specific quantity, then I would leave the second job.”.

Well the Universe reacted immediately to my need– just not as I had actually expected or desired it– and I withstood the change even though is was painful. The Universe understood that in order to become independent I had to first BE in a state of complete faith that financial abundance was mine. I desired to keep the security of the second income and that emotional dependence on a secondary “security net” source of income was holding me back. The resistance to change was based on a false sense of scarcity.

I find it easier to accept change when I have started it. When somebody else starts modification that influences my life, my first response is to withstand and put up a wall of resistance. However, the Law of Attraction teaches that everything that touches my life is the outcome of some vibration in me. It might be a vibration I find uncomfortable or it could be a subtle vibration that goes undetected. It may be a vibration that has gone underground but is still there– like anger or harm that I did not acknowledge at the time I initially experienced it.

Our feelings are “energy in motion.” When we try to subdue or repress a negative feeling it does not disappear, it enters our subconscious mind where it silently sabotages our life by setting up resistance which welcomes more negative experiences.

Resistance doesn’t simply put on the brakes to getting our needs– Resistance breaks down; it separates; it disintegrates; it fragments our True Self. We feel separated from our Source, be it God, the Divine, the Universe, the One Creator, etc. Quickly, we are quarreling with our best friend and criticizing them for the circumstances.

Charles Fillmore wrote in, The Revealing Word, back in 1931, “The greatest disintegrating element in the human consciousness is resistance.” .

What can we do about resistance? If we resist resistance, we discover this serves to only create more.

Charles Handy said, “Change is the only consistent.” Change is bound to happen. People are going to make choices which affect our lives. We are going to make decisions which have an impact on others. How we manage and choose to respond to change will influence our vibration and in turn, our quality of life.

Take a couple of minutes, relax and look inside yourself to discover if there is resistance in your body, mind or feelings. Notice what it feels like so you can recognize it more easily.

When I’m seeing resistance within me, I ask my Higher Self for understanding, clarity and acceptance. My prayer will be something like this: “Please reveal me the root of my resistance and at the same time, provide me an idea of exactly how to accept this circumstance and let it go”.

The bottom line is: I’m either going to develop resistance or approval. Change is going to take place in our lives. Change is always constant and always present. You need to consciously decide, “I’m either going to produce resistance or allow acceptance”. One adds to the disintegration of my character and the other restores my wholeness with who I am.

Abraham Hicks | Resistance Free

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Your Feelings and Emotions are Keys

No Hard FeelingsThose who first start with the Law of Attraction do not realize it is a very sensitive and challenging law to implement. While on the surface it seems straight forward, when you don’t understand how it works it can be rather a struggle to manifest exactly what you deeply desire. However when you comprehend that everything about the law of attraction begins with yourself first, then what the law can produce for you can be outstanding.

Desiring is not the only thing it takes for you to have and if used incorrectly is counter-productive. Your “desiring” can in fact fend off the exact things you want. Then the question is, how do you become a match for the things you desire without repelling them?

Your feelings and emotions are keys. So ask yourself, “How do I feel?”

Your feelings are an extremely accurate sign of what you will bring into your life. look at how frequently you have thoughts about things you deeply want but also felt frightened or doubtful about in fact having those things for yourself? Maybe you may have felt frightened and concerned about the possibility of not being able to get what you wanted. Those sensations of worry, fear and doubt, in fact repels what you desire far from you. It puts the Law of Attraction working in reverse to what you want. You lower your vibrational match to those things and loose your magnetic power when you feel afraid or worried and even needy.

Fearful sensations can just suggest that you are not a match because when you are truly a match for what you desire, you feel that it is currently yours! Due mostly to the fact that you comprehend at a much deeper aspect of exactly how the unlimited universe works and you are in a state of understanding, trust and faith.

Absence of understanding and faith breads fear, stress and doubt, all of which actually eliminates your possibilities of attracting exactly what you deeply want in your life. To be a match for what you want, line yourself up so that you feel that it is currently yours. You have to feel you are deserving of it.

Those who are affluent and effective with the Law of Attraction dive deeply into the knowledge and research. They study deeply all facets of it until they understand it. The even more knowledge you have of exactly how the laws of attraction work the much better able you become at making it work.

Keep reviewing the teachings of the universal laws and the more you do the more positive you are in understanding how they work, why they work and when they work. Favorable and negative ideas alone do not make you a master. Even those that are considered a master continue their study of the laws of attraction.

In summation, the Law of Attraction is a really delicate and difficult law to put into practice. When you don’t understand exactly how it works it can be quite a battle to manifest what you deeply want. When you comprehend that everything about the law of attraction starts with yourself first then the rewards can be exceptional.

The Feeling Place of Abundance – The Real Law of Attraction

“This is the original source material for the current Law of Attraction wave that is sweeping the world, and it is the 21st century inspiration for thousands of books, films, essays and lectures that are responsible for the current paradigm shift in consciousness…”

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How to Create Unlimited Abundance

Understand Abundance & BreathHave you ever asked yourself, “How did I get here?” or “Why do I not have the life I expected to have so long ago?” The truth is we are where we are because of our past thoughts. You may have heard the quote, “thoughts are things”. Thoughts create your world. We purposely or unconsciously always think about something. The things we want and the things we do not want. The issue is that we typically think more about things we do not want, than about the things we desire to have in our life. It does not matter if we desire or do not desire something, we’ll get what we mostly think of most of the time.

It is important to observe your thoughts. Try it for a day or more and take note of how you think. Is it mostly positive or negative? Are you thinking of things you want or do not want? When you mainly think of things that you stress over because you don’t want them to take place, you are actually drawing more of this into your experience. Stop doing this…unless that is what you want.

When you realize your present circumstance is the outcome of your predominant frame of mind and how you have been thinking up until now, you can shift your thinking to developing your future now the way you desire. Your future will resemble your predominant state of mind now.

The past is the past, it is gone forever. You can’t change what you have created in the past, but if you are dwelling on it, running it over and over in your mind. You will continue to draw more of the same into your life. If you aren’t feeling delighted now you are producing an unhappy future.

When you switch your thinking to having mostly happy and favorable states of mind now, you’re creating your happy and positive future full of the unlimited abundance you desire. You can draw in whatever you want in your life when your predominant thoughts are right: joy, wealth, ideal wellness, love and remarkable relationships are the outcome.

Since you are mostly made up of vibrational energy (as is everything in the universe), you can compare this to a magnet’s “drawing-in” force; everything is energy, you, your mind and your body. The good news is you can manage your body, and you can likewise manage your mind to attract unlimited abundance.

This is why you have to consciously be aware of your thoughts and how you are programming your mind as you can likewise attract things and scenarios that you don’t want. Really, we do it at a sub conscious level all the time.

Your mind can be your best good friend or your worst opponent as it will take the directions you feed into it or make things up as you go through life. If you do not manage your mind, permit it to harp on unfavorable thoughts and sensations, it’s your worst adversary, due to the fact that it creates your unhappy future. If you control your mind and “choose” your thoughts, it’s your finest buddy, because it becomes your new best friend and partner which will assist in co-creating your greatest future.

Obviously, lives of the majority of the people are a blend of happiness and unhappiness due to the fact most do not take control of their states of mind. Now, since you have an understanding and are comprehending the Law of Attraction you can begin creating your delighted future on purpose and make sure that you’ll get exactly what you desire in life, not the opposite.

The Law of Attraction is a broad subject requiring constant study and there’s no space in this brief report to describe everything you must know. Thankfully, there is now an increasing number of information available on the this topic of attraction.

Great people like Carnegie, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Einstein, Plato, Newton and many others understood and lived the in alignment with the Law of Attraction. Now a bunch of people are discovering about this secret, the Law of Attraction and the science of abundance.

Remember, thoughts end up being things. We knowingly or unconsciously constantly think about something as the mind is constantly working on creation. The issue is that we normally think more about things we do not desire in our life, than about the things we desire to have in our life. It does not matter if we want or do not desire something, we’ll get what we mainly think about.

You can draw in whatever you want, you are the creator: unlimited joy, wealth, ideal health, love and terrific relationships are at your command.

Abundant Life 101 Affirmations & Subliminal Text

“The Abundant Life Brainwave Entrainment Session uses theta and alpha binaural beats that help program the mind for success and abundance…”

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The Danger of Affirmations in the Law of Attraction

Respect Existence or Expect ResistanceAt times, I receive e-mails from individuals who have discovered the Law of Attraction, put it into practice yet they feel stuck in the process or feel like there is something holding back. They go on to tell me they have completely clear desires and are not having issue with focusing. They get clear and stay focused on their need but, it appears to be so slow in coming or out of their reach entirely.

Let me show you one such example of these e-mails– “I have actually been trying to attract an excellent mate into my life and have truly concentrated on it for the past three months consistently. I have actually pasted positive confirmations to keep me on track on my washroom mirror with stuff like ‘I am married now to a wonderful individual’. I likewise reviewed every early morning and mid-day and night a favorable confirmation that is specific to drawing in a fantastic mate who harmonizes with me on every level. I likewise recorded a cd that I play on repeat that I now have an excellent spouse and which I have attracted this great person to myself, and other positive sayings. I play it and repeat the the affirmations on it every night. I actually believe that the perfect person will come to me, but …”.

Could it be that this person is focusing too much? Maybe they are overdoing it? Surely, all these confirmations and favorable statements must have produced the preferred outcome by now. It seems to me this person is most likely focusing too much on their desire and actually triggering resistance at some level to permitting the Law of Attraction to deliver.

Let me explain 3 things about how the Law of Attraction works–

Once you have a clear image in your mind about your need and feel satisfied with the mental picture and you add great sensations to enhance it, then the Law of Attraction responds to your desire loud and clear and the process of manifestation is set in activity.

If you do nothing more than get crystal clear, you will receive your desire in the most convenient most efficient way it is how the Law works.

The Law of Attraction does not actually care or pay attention to your words, but DOES respond to how you really feel about this desire and acts on it. Affirmations are great in the right context but when you make affirmations that are not real, like: “I have a wonderful partner”– when you don’t, your vibration reacts the opposite and the Law of Attraction just gets your opposite vibration of “I don’t have a partner.” Even adding more confirmations will only serve to nullifying your desire with this opposing vibration.

Exactly what ARE you supposed to do with that need you’ve been so clear about?

If I could explain it in the sense of how you see with your eyes, hold it in your periphery vision, rather than your center of attention.

Right here’s an exercise that will demonstrate how you can do that–

Keep your focus on this short article on the display of your computer system. Now, tell me, what do you see on your far? Do not move your eyes, simply observe exactly what exists.

OK, now tell me, what is in the upper left field? Exactly what is at the top of your field of vision?

You DO know exactly what is there without concentrating on the item directly or putting your full attention to it.

Now, let’s pretend that one of the products in your periphery is a lamp and you desire to turn it on. You move your eyes, so that the lamp is the focus of your vision, BRIEFLY, while you turn it on– then return your focus to this display.

This is an example of a great method to hold your clearly defined needs: once you have clearly mentioned or written your desire, hold it in the periphery of your vision. Then go about with other things that you take pleasure in. You’ll know or get a sense when to shift your focus back to your need– possibly you have actually changed your mind about a detail– or you just take pleasure in picturing what it feels like to be living the full experience of your need.

I have a practice of composing out my need statement making use of the 3-Phrases that raise my vibration, then I put it away in a file-folder. The file folder is in my left peripheral vision when I’m at my computer system. I generally tend to ‘forget it’ till it is fulfilled. Then I go to recover that certain “Need Statement” and discover, to my absolute delight, that EVERYTHING I requested has actually become a reality!

The bottom line is truly this: If concentrating on your desire feels good, delightful, spirited and amazing, then by all means, enjoy offering it your attention. If you are requiring yourself to focus and repeat constant affirmations to affirm your desire– you are really causing resistance that can cause unnecessary delay. Again, if you have actually been observing the length of time your desire has not yet manifested– this is another form of subtle resistance and you are decreasing the process.

Think about “Permitting”, it suggests letting the Law of Attraction do it’s job by getting out of the way.

When you stay focused on the need and yet, it appears to be so slow-moving in coming or out of reach entirely, resistance at some level is the primary cause.

Yes, this individual is most likely focusing too much on their need and really causing resistance compared to enabling the Law of Attraction to provide.

The bottom line is truly this: If concentrating on your need feels excellent, wonderful, spirited and amazing, then by all ways, enjoy giving it attention. Just don’t let your desire consume you to the point of over-kill and work against the life you desire.

The Law Of Non-Resistance

“The Law Of Non-Resistance is one of the most overlooked laws and also the most powerful. Whatever you resist persists. This means that the things that you hate grow stronger in your life…”

photo by: Denis Bocquet

Preferences are Your Path to Abundance

Personal preference signWould certainly life be glorious, if you believed that every little thing you enjoy and delight in is just right for you?

What would take place if you knew on your own, so well you could possibly state with assurance, “No thank you, I choose my own path and life…”.

Exactly how would you feel knowing you would check out others, recognizing that their selections and path in life are the best selection for them?

The Law of Attraction shows us to recognize our personal choices by seeing how things really feel and asking our own selves, “Which really feels better? This or that?” When we take the time to discover our feelings within ourselves, we learn about ourselves in such a way that leads to great personal flexibility and joy.

Prior to, I learned about the Law of Attraction and exactly how I attract folks, circumstances and opportunities in total accord with my resonance (feelings), I attempted to live by a set of criteria or principles. When I asked my mentor if he could possibly give me a list of these principles so I can make certain I was living the best method, I keep these principles in mind all the time. I did everything I could to live the “perfect life”, dutiful husband and selfless Christian. I believed that by satisfying just what other individuals expected, I would come to be happy too. This was not the path to take. I was NOT a pleasing, joyful person. I was a person in great psychological and eventually physical, pain.

The Law of Attraction showed me how to discover when something doesn’t really feel excellent, because that sensation of uncomfortableness or uneasiness is an indication that something is NOT in alignment for me. I was not actively aware of anything out of placement with who I am and all my objectives, which lead to the uneasy feelings inside. I was like I was actually been putting my hand on a hot oven and trying to really feel comfortable with the ache it created.

Eventually, the truth lastly dawned on me: Only I can pick exactly what is best for me. No one could tell me exactly what benefits me– only I can tell. And the means by which I tell is by discovering exactly how every little thing feels, after that, seeking the thought, response, idea or point that feels best.

Your feelings are always true, what is good really feels good and what is bad feels bad.

Understanding and recognizing my individual preferences causes me to accomplish ALL my life functions– normally and easily. Every little thing I set out to do throughout this life time is already set within me. The means I ‘read the program’ is to observe what brings me great happiness and I then follow that lead. This is the least and simplest method to locate true satisfaction within and in one’s life. Prior to– I learned about the Law of Attraction, I felt like I had lost 30 years of my life by attempting to sustain an inadequate marital relationship. Yet within 5 years of applying the Law of Attraction in the method explained in this article, I felt caught up on life. Regarding 2 years back, I had a profound realization: “Today, I am exactly where I would be, if I had done the first 55 years of my life in a different way.” That is a FANTASTIC sensation!

Now I inform my pupils: “Your individual preferences are as one-of-a-kind to you as your fingerprints. You are unique and only you can do specific aspects in this life and your emotions exist to assist you into really living life in the most happily rewarding method!”.

Exactly what has this to do regarding you? Are you seeing on your own what your life could be like in this light? Have you asked yourself why you don’t harmonize with the crowd? Are you ready to approve and accept on your own that your choices as being right for YOU?

The Law of Attraction shows us to recognize our personal desires by observing exactly how things feel and asking our own selves, “Which really feels better?” The answer is always there within you.  The Law of Attraction showed me to discover when something doesn’t feel excellent and right, since that feeling of pain or uneasiness is an indicator that something is NOT good for me. And the means that informs me is by noticing how every little thing feels, after that, looking for the idea, solution, idea or thing that feels the finest.

Before I discovered all this about the Law of Attraction, I really felt like I had lost 30 years of my life by trying to withstand an inadequate marriage. Within 5 years of using the Law of Attraction in the method explained in this short article, I really was captured up on a life I truly desired.


Attract Abundance Affirmations
“Affirmations for abundance produced by Affirmation Life and set to epic music. Begin your day with great feelings and you will be like a magnet to good things in your life. These affirmations can be listed to whilst doing other things…”

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